Wednesday, September 19, 2012

twenty nine

last year, when i was just a young 28 year old, i made a list,
of 30 things i wanted to do before i turned 30.
it felt like i had a lot of time.
plenty of time.
now another year is gone
and my list is still long.
let's take a look:

1. visit another country - preferably australia or new zealand, but i won't be picky
2. do the splits
3. finish my basement and master bedroom
4. read 100 new books **
5. start a garden
6. run five 5Ks **
7. take 'fuck' out of my everyday language
8. find a new job
9. keep a gratitude journal
10. remember to compliment my husband
11. learn how to play the guitar
12. start a hat collection - and wear them
13. learn how to curl my hair - beside how i did in the 5th grade
14. secretly save $1200 for a gift for ronnie
15. train my babies - they really shouldn't be having accidents anymore
16. make dinner four nights a week
17. go to church regularly
18. let go of my grudges
19. be romantic
20. give up television one night a week
21. wear the lipstick i buy
22. find my inspiration
23. buy land or a new house
24. routinely exercise
25. see bob seger in concert
26. learn how to make a pie from scratch
27. share my blog
28. learn a new word a week
29. always be truthful - even when it's hard **
30. make a decision about having a kid

seven out of thirty.
not good.
i should technically be half way done.
i better get on this.
but nonetheless, i celebrated my big 29th anyway.

first with some friends.

and then with my family

and finally with ronnie

and yes,
my birthday card was very weird
and mildly inappropriate.
really, ronnie?

so here we go,
start the count down
i have 365 days left in my 20's.


1 comment:

  1. Love your blog... I feel like I get to know you a little better. The list somewhat surprises me. You have NEVER made a pie from scratch? Hmmm. And I believe you have done the truthful one... even when it is hard, don't you? It doesn't mean you can do this always, trust me you may not have a lot of friends if you do. Ha ha. I love Ronnie's card... it was for his wife. And hopefully you will get an inappropriate card every year from your devoted husband. Hopefully. Enjoy the rest of your 20's, the 30's are even better. And remember you don't HAVE to have a baby, it's not the rule, it's a choice. Mick