Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the farm life

ronnie and i went to illinois
for a long weekend
to see his mom and gma
and to attend a family wedding.

we had so much fun
and i wish we had a couple more days.
but the wedding was gorgeous
and all the small details were amazing.

but while we were there,
ronnie's mom threw a new option
out on the table for ronnie and i to consider.

would we ever want to live there?

to buy the farm.
to leave home.
to start a new home.
to leave my family.
to be closer to his family.
to try something new.

it's seven hours away.
but it's an amazing farm.

so basically, we don't have to decide right now,
but eventually they will be too old to care for the property
in the way it needs.
so if we would like, we get first dibs.

it's definitely something to consider.

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