Monday, February 3, 2014

weighing in

i know most people start their weight loss journey on january 1st.
(doesn't the word "journey" remind you of biggest loser?  me too.)
but i decided i was too fat a month prior to that.
look at this picture.
it was taken black friday - november 29th.
two days before my big health kick.
look at my beautiful baby girl and my hot, skinny (ain't that a bitch) husband.
and then me.  the chunk.
[insert the music]
wah. wah. wah.
i mean, i look god-damn pregnant.

so i'm thrilled to report
that as of saturday morning, two months to the day after i started my diet,
i have lost seventeen pounds.
i now weigh in at 145,
back to my old self.
its been two full months of being really careful of what i eat
and i'm back on my treadmill every other day.
(love those girls and their programs - - this is my third one with them.) 
this is two days after the challenge. 
 i think you can see the difference in my face.
i took a week break for christmas and new year's
and then got right back to it for another month.
its been hard
and easy at the same time.
the food i eat is really pretty good.
and its really quick to prepare,
which is huge for me.
but yeah, do i want some french fries and a chocolate chip cookie?
...make that a dozen...
of course!
so it's still a battle
and i'm not done,
but i just wanted to give a little update.
17 down,
10 to go.
say goodbye to chunk.


  1. As always, you are a beauty! But, you are definitely a skinny mini beauty these days!

  2. You look awesome ...and I was like, "what is she talking about?!" in regards to the first pic btw.