Thursday, February 6, 2014

football party

we had a few friends over
for superbowl sunday.
ronnie busted out our smoker
mid-winter and made some awesome
pulled pork and ribs.
everyone brought lots of food
and we all settled in for the worst game ever.
i mean really.
so i wasn't that bummed that all the girls
and five kids made the basement our home
while the boys watched the game in peace upstairs.
we vowed to switch the roles next time.
i miss seeing my friends.
ronnie and i are way better at hosting
little get-togethers when its nice out.
we have lots of deck nights.
but in the winter we go way too long
without seeing them.
it was so fun to sit around and catch up.
in fact, i'm pretty sure the girls
decided to meet up again this weekend.
now its the boys' turn to have the kiddos.
mamma's headed out.
this is cale after three pieces of chocolate cake.  i think i'm just jealous.

must have been nice.

our room was much more chaotic.
but more fun too.

 and cuter.
and since its thursday,
how about a throwback?

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