Saturday, February 15, 2014

cupid's aim

did you have a nice valentine's day?
mine started out fine.
i made ronnie coffee
(first time ever)
and sent him off to work with a card at 6am.
then i went back to bed
and when i got up i found a card
and a reese's peanut butter heart on the counter.
yesssssss, breakfast.
yay us.
very romantic.
but brette had a hard day and
i ended up having a huge headache by the afternoon.
oh, and then ronnie decided to work late
and didn't get home until 5:45.
i asked him if he thought working late was a good idea since
it was a friday and also valentine's day...
he said, well do we have big plans?
more proof that men don't get valentine's day.
(the card i wish i bought him)
i had soup made and i was planning on making
heart-shaped grilled cheeses,
but my head hurt too bad,
brette sucked
and ronnie annoyed me.
so i threw a frozen pizza in the oven,
put brette to sleep
and crawled into bed with my laptop.
yay us.
very romantic.
but on sweeter note,
we've actually been celebrating the day of love all week.
brette had a bunch of vday clothes from madeline
so everyday she's been wearing lots of pink, red and hearts.
happy valentine's day

 valentine's day pasts:

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  1. I did buy Brandon that card :) my new favorite Etsy shop. She makes the cutest cards.