Wednesday, February 26, 2014

love you like a sister

we're still debating over here whether or not
brette should be an only child.
for the last two months i have been p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e
that we should have another baby.
and soon.

i know your jaw probably just hit the floor
since i've always said i'm ONLY having ONE!
especially with how miserable i was pregnant.
i told ronnie over and over that he better love this kid
because its the only one he's ever getting.
but christmas made me want a sibling for brette.
someone to sneak around the house with and
try to catch santa claus.
someone to play with.
someone she can hang out with on vacation.
to ride rides.
to sit next to in a booth.
someone to complain about her parents to.

but then i go back.
how easy and simple for ronnie and i.
especially since brette and eden
are only 9.5 months apart.
she will grow up with her cousins...
like sisters.
and they are already showing the love.
we recently went out to dinner for my brother's birthday
and sat brette and eden in highchairs next to each other.
such big girls!
i loved every second of it.
especially when eden started feeding brette black beans.
a favorite moment of mine thus far.

mimi and her grandgirls.
i guess this means,
whatever ronnie and i decide,
brette will always have a big family.

what are your thoughts on siblings?
my aunt only had one child and
she's a big advocate to have more kids.
but then i've talked to others that said having one kid was not hard,
but having two kids is a constant struggle.
i guess the right answer is
the one ronnie and i will decide.
 ps- happy bday, brian

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  1. aw. we love baby B so much! ps, i caught E feeding bunny grams to a play puppy purse yesterday. so she's been practicing for our next trip out together. pps madeline's face = priceless.