Sunday, February 23, 2014

good eats

its not news that i have been trying to cook
more and more at home.
i have a goal to make dinner four times a week,
leftovers twice
and eat out once.
i have to share a couple of recipes i've made over the last week
that were the bomb.
seriously, this was so freaking good.
it makes a lot, but we had ronnie's mom and gma in
town so they helped us eat it and i love leftovers,
so i didn't mind.
i'm telling you.  make it.
especially the sauce on top.
so good.
my mom makes this and ronnie really liked it
so we thought we could make some up ourselves.
i love that it made enough that i froze half of it,
so now we have dinner for another night.
these looked good and i thought ronnie
would like them.
i was right.
(ps- i just bought frozen meatballs and made the sauce
instead of messing with making meatballs from scratch.)
semi-homemade.  works for me.
any recipes you think you should tell me about?
i always need new ideas.
 marge - what was that chicken parm recipe?

eat up.

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  1. We make this. Fresh basil is a must, we bread and bake the chicken for 30 instead of fry. And of course had extra mozzarella cheese on top, can't go wrong.