Tuesday, February 11, 2014

more than just a hamburger

when my friends and i get together
its normally for a play date.
which means there are lots of interrupted convos
and spelling words out.
when can we get d-r-u-n-k?
hahahah - just kidding.
kind of.
so during the super bowl
while the boys were laid back upstairs
and the girls were rallying the troops downstairs,
we decided we needed a night out.
without kids
or husbands.
and what's funny is,
we ended up at the one "safe" place for any married gal.
a gay bar.
hamburger mary's
we needed a little bit of
liquid courage to really enjoy ourselves
because we walked into a
drag queen game show
and everything that you think might be
said or done... was.  times 20.
i might even have a picture of a guy
in his skivvies
on stage.
a couple of us might have graced the stage too.
all in good, clean dirty-minded fun.
lots and lots of fun.

our team name and a little tribute to shannon long.

the host of the game show.
and yes, we lost.

our team

kass and i playing paper, rock, scissors to see who had to go on stage.
i lost.
me and shan at the end of the night.
loved it.
thanks girls.
can't wait till next time.

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