Thursday, February 20, 2014

will the real slim shady...

please stand up.
i know what you're thinking.
maybe not the right word,
but standing nonetheless.
i talked about brette's lack of movement
with two of my bff's.
marge and shannon.
marge has a tornado for a son.
he was seriously on the move from day one.
and shannon had a kiddo that would. not. move.
i thought getting both their ideas would be helpful
when working with brette to get stronger.
first, marge.
she told me to give brette what she can't have.
instead of trying to get her to crawl to toys,
try something that she really wants but i normally wouldn't give her.
like my phone.
or the remote.
it worked like a charm.
i was mopping the floors so i laid brette down
and put my phone out of reach on the floor.
she was instantly scrambling to get to it.
10 mins later...

next, shannon.
her suggestion was to take the couch cushions off
and set b's toys on the seat.
it gives her a lower and sturdier place to play.
and its the perfect height to practice standing.
loved it.
we now do this everyday.
she not pulling up yet,
but once i get her there,
she's good to go.


thanks girls.

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