Sunday, December 8, 2013

brooke: six months

i post updates for brette every month
but haven't really said much about my progress.
i'm 6 months post partum on thursday
and there have definitely been some changes.
let's get truthful.
i gained 30lbs during my pregnancy,
tipping the scales at 185.
you can do the math.
that means i started at 155,
which is 10-15lbs heavier than i normally am.
note to self - do not get pregnant when you are already fatter than normal.
and seriously, when does this weight thing get easier?
the first two weeks after having b were the worst.
my stomach was (is?) jiggly,
i had to fill up a water bottle every time i peed,
my arm was killing me from the whooping cough shot,
ronnie made me cry once, which had never happened,
because normally i would just tell him to f off
and we had guests here every other minute.
yet, it still wasn't that bad.
brette was sleeping and eating just fine,
and i had already lost 20 lbs in the first couple weeks,
so i wasn't that stressed.
then around 3 months my hair started falling out.
i remember it was the week after my 30th birthday.
everyone sheds,
but i'm talking clumps and clumps of hair.
hello, hair grosses me out.
i hate it and its e v e r y w h e r e.
i vacuum all the time,
but its on me, brette, ronnie, our clothes, our floors.
and it has yet to stop. 
i'm don't know how i'm not bald by now.
not sure when the hair loss will subside,
but i hope its soon.
around 4 months i decided that i should maybe
look into losing the rest of the baby weight.
the first 20 lbs came off almost instantly
and then i lost another 3 over the next couple months,
but i was stuck at whopping 162.
(please note, that ronnie has always weighed 174,
until now and he weighs 168. i want to kill him.
it is against my law to weigh more than my husband.
i think he's doing it on purpose.)
one hundred and sixty two
pounds is too much for a girl of only 5'4 to carry.
its not healthy or flattering.
so at four months, i decided to work out.
but it didn't last long.
so in november, i switched to walking on the treadmill
every morning during brette's morning nap.
i lost 2 lbs in 3 weeks.
and then we had thanksgiving and i gained it back.
son of a bitch.
two things happened.
one - i met up with kassie and dana and we
decided enough was enough.
we're all headed to mexico in may for kass's wedding
and i'll be damned if we're wearing t-shirts in the pool.
we all measured/weighed each other (mortifying)
and said we were going to meet every friday
to check in with each other and make sure that we were staying healthy.
oh, and to remeasure and weigh-in. blah.
two - my mom and i joined a 21 day weight loss challenge.
it had the diet and exercise all laid out for me.
today is the start to my second week of "getting fit" and
it's going really well.
i've been working out and eating crazy healthy
and guess what?!
i've lost SEVEN pounds.
i barely slid in my goal of being back to
pre-baby weight by brette's six month birthday.
unfortunately, since i started fatter than normal,
i need to keep going.
i'd love to end up somewhere around 135,
but honestly, at this point, just get me back to normal
and i won't complain.
i'll update you when my 21 days are up.
wish me luck - - - or just wish my fat away.


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