Tuesday, December 24, 2013

here comes santa claus

its the eve of the big day.
baby boops is sleeping
and after her nap
we are f i n a l l y going to take her to see santa.
there were lots of christmas things i wanted to do with her:
sleigh ride, christmas tree farm, gingerbread houses, elf on a shelf
but she's a little too little.
this is the one thing that even though she'll have no clue what's going on,
 i'll still have a picture to show her
that she met santa on her very first christmas eve...
right before he had to take off for his trip around the world.
our other plans include evening mass and a family pizza dinner.
then off to bed to await our big morning with
just the three of us.
then we'll head down the highway to grandma & grandpa's house
to share the holiday with our other twenty family members
over a big turkey dinner.
should be fun.
and since i don't get to mail out a card to every special person in our lives,
here is our 2013 christmas wish for you.
merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

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