Sunday, December 29, 2013

christmas day

how was your christmas?
ours was filled with
and love.
of course, brette's first christmas was more for ronnie and i than her,
but i loved getting to share all our holiday traditions.
on christmas eve we went to see santa.
she loved it.
that night we went to mass as a family.
(my parents, my brother, sis-n-law, their two girls and us)
and the only spot available for six adults and three kiddos
was in the second row, dead center.
i was praying that brette made it through with no tears,
and we were in luck!
all the girls did wonderful.
and brette got to show off her new dress i bought her.
then it was back to our house for pizza and the anticipation of santa.
once everyone left and we got brette to bed,
ronnie and i watched a christmas story,
my favorite xmas movie and a turner christmas eve tradition.
the next morning b woke up at 5:45 (oh. hell. no.)
 i fed her and read her xmas stories
until 7:00 and decided it was time for dear old dad to join us.
i made hot chocolate, put on some christmas tunes
and turned on all our christmas lights.
the setting was perfection.
we showed b her gifts under the tree and
ronnie and i squabbled about his lack of skill using the video camera.
(um yes, i do want heads in video.)
so then he wanted me to redo it all so he could refilm it,
but i refused, so now, when brette watches the video of her first christmas,
i have no head. 
i swear, sometimes...
then b went down for a nap and ronnie thought
we should do laundry and pick up the house.
i'm sorry.
i don't do chores on the holidays.
so once again, i refused.
you can tell ronnie and i were not off to a great start.
when she woke up
i dressed her in my old christmas dress from my first christmas.
i love that my mom saved all these dresses.

 and we hit the road to my parent's house.
aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins
everyone was there.
i think total we had 24.
it's chaotic, but fun.
we ate lots and lots
and then went back for more.
we opened gifts and talked for hours.
i loved it.
i am already anticipating the amazingness of next year
with these three little ladies.
(matching pj's provided by aunt jaime)
so yeah,
basically, we had a wonderful day.
hope yours was just as special.
happy holidays!

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