Thursday, December 12, 2013

brette: 6 months

our doctor's visit is next week
but i put brette on the scale and she was
about 15.5 pounds.
not sure on her length, but i'll update you after our well baby visit.
she's definitely outgrown her 0-3 month clothing
and some of her 3-6 month clothing as well.
most everything she wears now is 6 months
minus a few exceptions.
she's in size two diapers and
probably will be for awhile.
the main thing brette "grew" this month was
her first tooth!
she literally just got it last week,
right at 6 months old.
it's her bottom right centered tooth.
and no, i'm not a fan of teething.
between her 6 month growth spurt and that,
we've had a few rough days.
i never know if she's hungry or if her tooth hurts.
there's a lot of trial and error right now.
one big change we saw this month is her connection with me.
she's becoming quite the mamma's girl.
sometimes i'm the only one that can hold her.
its expected since we spend all day, everyday together,
but i'm hoping this phase is short lived.
not that i don't love the love,
but it makes things a lot easier if i can pass her off to
her grandma for a bit if i need to do something.
another darling little change in brette is her reaction to ronnie.
she can definitely recognize people now and she has
a soft spot for her daddy.
when he walks in the door at night she is all smiles and laughs.
its so cute to watch.
b is still doing great at night.
goes down about 7:30-8:00
and gets up at 6:00-6:30.
i still put her down every 2 hours for a nap in her swing
and that has been working great.
it's like i found brette's napping secret recipe.
my only "complaint" would be that we don't have a definite schedule.
everything depends on how long she sleeps and her wake up time.
so it can very day to day.
we've reverted back to swaddling too.
i tried the whole not swaddled thing
and brette wasn't having it.
i figure i can battle that another day.

we're still on the exact same nursing schedule as last month.
(unless she's going through a growth spurt or teething,
which means this last week has been waaaay off.)
 she drinks water everyday.
not a ton, but i always try to offer it to her.
we still practice drinking out of a cup a couple times a week
and she's getting better.
but we also bought her a new cup with a straw
(thanks for the suggestion!)
and she is a pro at that.
she can suck down the water really well through a straw.
now every time ronnie and i have a drink,
we are sharing. (as long as its water)
the biggest news with brette is that we started her on food.
so in between her 10:30 and 2:30 feeding
i give her a little bit of cereal.
i found out that she eats it a lot better
if i mix it with breastmilk instead of formula.
go figure.
in fact, yesterday she ate her first serving
and then a little bit more.
i'm really excited to get her started on veggies
and put "people" food in her mesh feeders.
but i'm going to give her a full week of just cereal to make sure
she has no bad reaction to it
and then move on.
we play around here a lot.
brette's new favorite game is to drop
whatever i give her on the floor,
then i pick it up and
she drops it again.
believe me, this is only fun for her.
we're still reading a lot and
spending time in both her excersaucer and her bumbo.
this month i plan on busting out her bouncer
and see if she's ready to do some jumping.
all toys still go in her mouth
so we have to keep things clean.
she also loves to watch people dance.
i'm going to have to catch ronnie on camera
because he's been sharing his smooth moves and she dies laughing.

she got her first tooth.
she had her first solid food.
she can semi-sit up under supervision.
she had her first meeting with her great grandma
and made her first trip back to illinois,
where we also celebrated her first thanksgiving.

 i'm so excited to get her eating all kinds of things
and have her sit up consistently on her own.
i expect we'll see both things in the next month.
things are moving fast.

happy 1/2 birthday, baby girl!

i tried to get a good tummy time shot,
but then this happened.

screw you mom, i'm just going to put my head down.
e v e r y t i m e.

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  1. haha!! too cute! love it! i really need to come visit you two! just hard with my stupid work schedule ugh! -Rachel Holt