Monday, December 2, 2013

thank (god we're home) sgiving

i'm sitting in bed surrounded by luggage
that has yet to be unpacked.
i haven't set out the first christmas decoration
or bought one gift.
its cyber monday and i don't even feel like
taking advantage of the deals.
i'm just so happy to finally be home and
back in my own bed that all i want to do
is lay here.
we traveled to illinois to visit ronnie's
family for thanksgiving.
it was a seven hour drive,
but we left in the evening so
baby boops slept through the whole thing.
unfortunately, that's where the easy part stopped.
we couldn't find a good way for her to nap
so after four days of lacking sleep,
she was one fussy baby.
we missed her swing and our quiet house.
instead she spent lots of time in my arms.
but it was nice to get back to the farm
and see all the family.
plus it was the first time ronnie's grandma got to see brette
and ronnie's mom hadn't seen her since she was born.
ronnie's sister and her family made their first trip to illinois too.
they soaked up four full days with brette
and we logged a lot of family time.

(a painting of the farm)
there is so much to be thankful for,
but right now
i'm just really thankful to be home and
in my own bed.
now someone come unpack my clothes and decorate my house.

(this picture is a perfect representation of brette's mood.)

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