Wednesday, December 18, 2013

small baby, big head. among other things

brette had her six month check- up yesterday.
i love our pediatrician.
she totally laughs at my jokes.
and isn't this kansas city mural in her waiting room awesome?
b and i spend each visit studying the wall.

but unfortunately,
it did not go well.
it was nap time and brette was tired.
there was lots of crying.
and some crazy screaming.
the three shots in her leg
didn't help at all.
we spent the rest of the afternoon resting together
on our couch and she was a new baby
by the time ronnie got home.
here's an update of her stats.
weight: 14 lbs 14 oz (15th percentile)
height: 25 1/4 in (25th percentile)
head circumference: 17 cm (65th percentile)
small baby.
big head.
but still healthy.
it's crazy that she had always measured right at the 50th percentile,
until now. 
and she doesn't look little,
but apparently, compared to others she on the tiny side.
b also started eating veggies this week.
we gave her some peas and
she loves them.
she's scarfing down everything we give her.
hopefully, she'll be an easy eater.
while brette eats peas,
i'm trying my best not to inhale
the six dozen cookies/candies i have.
being on a diet with christmas treats in the house
is a special kind of torture.
pray for me.
my diet is over on monday.

so far, i've lost 9 lbs.
i would be crazy happy if i could get to twelve.


  1. Did you try any of the cookies yet? Aunt Margo

  2. i ate half of a sugar cookie, but Ronnie has been taking care of the rest. :)