Thursday, April 21, 2011

moving at lightning speed

guess what ronnie brought home from work yesterday?

a for sale by owner sign?  is he nuts?!
i thought he was kidding.  in fact, when he told me over the phone that he bought one - i laughed and said "yeah, okay."
i guess i thought we were just looking around and not really going to sell our house.  or maybe sell it, but not right away.
i mean, hello?  doesn't he remember the hell we just went through last fall with our floors?  where is the time to enjoy them?  not to mention all my plans i had for the basement and master bedroom. 

but we are definitely serious and taking big steps in the direction of selling. (and by 'we', i mean, not me).
we are meeting a realtor tonight to show us a house that i'm pretty sure ronnie wants to put an offer on. 
it's nice, its got over two acres and it backs up to a conservation area. 
can we say 'ronnie's dream'?
i'll take pictures and share tomorrow.

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