Tuesday, August 21, 2012

bloody british birds getting pissed

a lot of energy and planning goes into goes into having fun.
we decided awhile ago that we wanted to have a "british" theme for lindsay's bachelorette.
so many great ideas -
fascinators, scones, tea, the accent, the slang, the gloves.

so we made arrangements and started crafting.
first, i decorated a royal chalice for the bride:
a HUGE plastic wine glass found at party city.
i bought scrap booking letters and glitter
and tried to make it shine.
i also bought 8 more littler plastic wine glasses
for all the other girls to use at the wineries and to take home as a party favor.


i bought her a bachelorette sash a cirillas.
and yes, it's embarrassing to be there even if it's just for bridal items.

then, i got lucky and found little white gloves online
for everyone for only $2 a piece.
here are kass and i sporting our london look, gloves and all.

i made lindsay's fascinator first.
it was pretty easy so i decided to make mine too.

(i'm modeling linds' fascinator)

(making my fascinator)

(my mom modeling)

my mom and her family are from england
so we have an amazing recipe for cherry scones
and english fruit tarts.
they were a big hit with the girls.
(cherry scones)
(glazing the fruit tarts)

finally, our london look was complete,
and we were ready to go.
we road-tripped to hermann,
changed into our party dresses in the parking lot of a gas station
and had the best bloody weekend ever.

england couldn't handle this.

happy bachelorette, linds!

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