Saturday, July 21, 2012

super fly

ronnie and i will celebrate our four year anniversary this fall.
i feel that in four years, you get to know a person.
not much surprises me anymore.
i mean, sure, every once in awhile you get a glimpse at a something you didn't know.
for instance, while on our road trip to colorado, ronnie busted out his love
for phil collins and his greatest hit cd.
um, no.

but recently, ronnie dropped a bomb.

my beer drinking, truck driving, harley riding, dirty bird husband
would like to incorporate turquoise jewelry into his style.
but only after the age of fifty.
yes, that's right.
ronaldo is preplanning his accessories 20 years in advance.
and not well, i might add.
now i have 20 years to talk him out of it.
or who knows, maybe by the time we reach our silver anniversary,
i'll be the one buying it for him as a gift.
but i doubt it.

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