Tuesday, July 10, 2012

red rocks

i want to share red rocks first
since it was my favorite part of colorado.

ronnie and i rode out there in the morning.
i just wanted to see it before it was packed with people that night. 
i guess since i'd been waiting forever
i wanted my own moment.
it was awesome and we got some cool pictures

but being there at night with the rocks glowing in the lights
while the band is playing, the stage is lit and you can see the stars;
that's REALLY the moment.
mark foster (of foster the people) said:
i've been looking forward to this before we ever scheduled our tour.
red rocks is what every artist looks forward to.
it looks like God took both hands and thrust them up through the earth.

i couldn't agree more.

the two side rocks of the ampitheater are called ship rock and creation rock.

it's definitely a special place.
ronnie and i had an amazing time at the concert.
were the perfect pairing with the rocks.

it's something i won't forget.

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