Tuesday, July 17, 2012


when ronnie and i made our way
over the river and through the plains
we stopped in denver for two days.
i had never really spent any significant time there
and it was fun to explore the city.
five things i loved:
1) their green initiative for bike riding.  they have little bike terminals all over the city, so once ronnie and i parked at the hotel, we literally never got back in it until we were ready to leave.  it was a great way to get around.

2) 16th street mall.  it is a shopping - restaurant dream.  the street is lined with both and the "road" is made for walking and not cars.  we spent a whole day discovering it all.

3) the city park.  we rode our bikes to it and around the lake.  it gives you a great view of downtown.

4) laramie square

5) our rooftop pool

(our hotel)

(rooftop pool)

(the capital - 13th step is exactly one mile high)

(on our bikes)

(world trade center - denver)

(still on our bikes)

(at the city lake)

(city park)

(unsinkable molly brown museum) 

(art museum)

(big bear)

(16th street mall)

(beer time)

(laramie square)

(after-dinner drinks)

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  1. I must say. I am pretty jealous of your mini-vacay. Looked like so much (couple) fun!