Sunday, November 11, 2012

fall day - in more than one way

we had our family fall day yesterday
on what i think will be our last nice day of the season.
yesterday - - sunny and 70.
today - - rain and cold.
we barely made it.

it was a lot of fun.
we had a hayride
hot chocolate
roasted hot dogs
made pumpkin pie
had a bonfire
and played a little game of football.

i hadn't played in years, but i was the top scorer -
thank you very much.
at one point ronnie was covering my dad
and somehow fell, then fell trying to get up and then fell again.
(not the most coordinated, that one.)
when we got home last night his knee was really bothering him
he slept with a heating pad and his leg propped up on a pillow.
this morning he could barely walk
and as i type,
he soaking in the tub.

yep, only one injury yesterday
and it was this guy.


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