Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a timeline

sometimes i feel like all i'm doing is planning my next big weekend.
that's how summer is around here.
and the ol' blog has suffered.
my apologies.
but i have good excuses.
please refer to my calendar:

weekend #1 - marge, todd and crosby came for a visit and i had all my best friends over.

weekend #2 - i celebrated being 10 years senior a high school graduate.
it was quite the work and in the end,
i couldn't wait for it to be freaking over just so i didn't have to stress anymore.
but i had fun and i think so did the other 100 people that showed.
too bad i forgot my camera.

weekend #3 - ronnie and i are headed to the lake of the ozarks so the turner side of my family can all get together.  this will also be a first in 10 years.

weekend #4 - miss madeline is turning 2 and i can't wait to celebrate with her.
ronnie and i also bought tyler (my nephew on ronzo's side) royals tickets, so we will be spending sunday afternoon at the K.

weekend #5 - ronnie and i are headed to denver for a concert a red rocks.
i cannot freaking wait for vacation.

weekend #6 - ronaldo turns 33. i have a dinner planned with linds and turnbow, a tattoo appointment and a big party with his friends.

weekend #7 - our first weekend off

but the weeks that follow involve a james taylor concert with my family, bridal showers, a concert with friends at the state fair, a road trip to herman for a bachelorette and float trip.

so basically what i'm saying is - call me next september.
until then,
i'm busy.

and having a blast.

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