Friday, May 9, 2014

nursing no more

today is the day.
boob-free day.
yeah, that day.
i nursed brette for the last time yesterday
and had ronnie give her milk this morning out of her big-girl cup.
she is officially not breastfeeding anymore.
according to my schedule,
(yes, i have a weaning schedule)
i was not supposed to stop nursing until the 12th,
but since ronnie is going to be home for the next three days
i thought it would be good to take advantage of him being here
and have him do the morning routine for a couple of days.
just so she's used to not nursing by the time its just me and her again.
its been a really, really slow transition.
one we started back when she was just seven months old.
and now that she's eleven months,
i think we are both okay with moving on.
i was so nervous when i started weaning
that it was going to be so hard on brette.
but you know what?
i'm going to say it - - it was EASY.
so easy. 
slowly but surely is definitely my suggestion.
but not nursing anymore is still a weird feeling.
i have an amazing sense of accomplishment and pride
that brette and i lasted as long as we did.
e l e v e n   m o n t h s !
but i do feel a little hankering for the days
where i could sit and relax while brette lays on me.
she's not much for cuddling - - at all.
so unfortunately i don't know when the next time will be
that i'll get to snuggle this little one for an extended period of time.
i'll also miss the fact that nursing was my go-to when we're in crisis mode.
in pain?
won't nap?
tried everything?
have no fear - - - mom's boob is here!
and it worked.
every. time.
so now i'm going have to find another way to work
through some of our rough patches,
but, all in all, i'd say today is a good day.
f r e e   a t   l a s t.
now excuse me while i go to victoria secret.
i think it's time for a little bit of underwire to get back in my life.

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