Thursday, May 1, 2014

may day

happy may day!
i was thinking about the [one and only] time
i received flowers on may day.
i was in middle school and they were left from my boyfriend, drew.
it was very sweet and all i remember were flowers on my front porch
and his mom's big red suburban flying out of my neighborhood.
ahh to be 12.  hahaha.
no really.
coincidently my bf, shannon, ended up marrying the guy.
somehow drew and i managed to overcome our 12 year old love.
her and i were randomly texting this morning because
i was reminding her its her birthday month.
she wrote back that drew brought flowers to her classroom for may day
and said that he had only done this for one other girl.
apparently that gesture stuck in both our minds.
it just goes to show what you teach your kid
might just stick with them.
i texted ronnie this
and his reply:
i've never even heard of may day!
[hand to forehead]

you should totally go buy someone flowers
and leave them on their doorstep.
since obviously i stand no chance of getting any from ronnie,
i would like you all to know:

i will be home all day.
and, here are my flowers to you.
pretend that i rang the bell and ran away giggling.


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