Friday, November 28, 2014


there is so much going on right now.
getting ready for christmas.
taking care of brette.
and the major thing:
our house.
it would be really nice if 
ONE thing
could be easy.
so far, everything is worse
or harder than we expected.
last saturday we finished the wallpaper upstairs.
i wanted to sing and dance.
so on monday we had a drywall team
come in to start skim-coating the walls
to get them ready for paint.
i finally felt some relief.
other people can come in to finish up.
i stopped by the house after work on monday
and the guy tells me we have problems.
the top layer of dry wall is paper and
its bubbling up and blistering when
he applies the skim-coat.
what. the. fuck. 
he's not certain how to make it stop doing it
without just taking down the sheetrock and starting over.
there is no way in hell i just spent the last four weeks of my life
removing wallpaper just to rip down the walls. 
we did a little online research and called our painter.
we found that you can try sealing the wall with primer
and hopefully that will stop the moisture from seeping 
through and causing the blisters.
our painter is skeptical.
he thinks we need to use lacquer but we're trying this first
because our painter is a week and a half out and we don't want to wait that long.
we have to prime the whole upstairs before the sheetrock guys
can come back to finish skim-coating.
i am crossing my fingers and toes that this works 
because we are growing a little weary.
its hard to spend thanksgiving weekend working 
on the house when you thought you were done for awhile.
we're hoping to finish up in the next couple days and 
have the dry wall team back on monday.

this better work. 
i'll let you know. 

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