Tuesday, December 2, 2014

november 22

she's walking.

last saturday was a big day.
we finished taking down all the wallpaper,
while brette hung out at my friend, shannon's house.
she has two kids of her own 
and they love playing with brette.
i did feel a little guilty leaving her because
shannon is also pregnant.
 i'm sure taking care of three kids
AND being pregnant is exhausting.
but is was such a big help
 and shannon said she was perfect so that made me feel better.
she even kept brette way longer than i expected
because she literally would not let me take her.
i guess she leaves her attitude and dirty looks just for me.
that night when we all got home 
brette gave us an extra special surprise:
she started WALKING.
just like that.
it was exactly one week after getting her inserts
and after spending the whole day with big kids (ages 3&5) 
who walked her all over the place.

thank god.

and i was especially happy because
ronnie has been working out of town
but she saved her special moment for when dad was here.
and he caught it on camera.


  1. Boo Hoo, it says the video is private! :( Aunt MC

  2. ok, i think i fixed it. try again. :)