Saturday, December 27, 2014

brette: 18 months

  ronnie and i are waiting for B to wake up 
before heading off to our last family christmas.
so i thought i could use this extra time to 
f i n a l l y 
get around to her 18 month update.
i stopped doing her monthly updates at a year
but so much has changed in 6 months.

brette weighs 25 lbs.
she's actually lost a pound since she started walking.
but no worries, our tubby tiger is
still quite tubby.
i'm not sure how tall she is,
but she's in 18-24 month clothing.
she's still in a size 4 diaper
although i wish we were done with those.
i plan on hitting potty training real hard again soon.
she WILL be out of diapers by june,
hopefully before.
 i can't even tell you how many teeth she has,
but i know she has a lot.
she's even eating peanuts now
(under supervision) because
there is literally nothing this child can't chew up.
she keeps getting more and more teeth.
and her hair has gotten so long!
of course the back is a lot longer than the top
so she still has a pretty sweet mullet.
but we are able to put in ponytails, pig tails, pebbles hair,
but mostly she just sports bows to help keep the hair out of her eyes.
and of course the best thing that's happened since she turned one
is she started crawling and then walking.
its been a big six months for her gross motor skills.
i only wish i had known about the shoe inserts
a long time ago.
oh well.
she's now walking everywhere and tries running.
she gets along really well and can get up on her own without holding on to something.
we see improvements everyday.

our sleep schedule has been the same since august.
and when the time changed,
i didn't change her schedule.
so in the summer she went to bed around 8 - 8:30
and now its around 7 - 7:30.
she sleeps 12 hours and takes one nap a day
that can vary between 1.5 - 3 hours.
brette eats anything and everything
and sometimes she's super picky and 
just throws it all on the floor.
one day she might love eggs
and then i can't get her to eat them for two weeks.
its just trial and error to see what she wants
and if nothing else, i'll make her a pb&j and call it a day.
she gets three sippy cups of milk a day.
one in the morning.
one when she wakes up from her nap.
and one with dinner.
the rest of the time its water OR
(blah) water mixed with juice.
we gave her some juice when she was sick and now
she asks for it.
big mistake.
i wanted to hold off on juice for awhile,
so i make sure she only gets a little bit a day.

she talks all the time.
she still signs for more and drink,
but mostly everything else 
she can communicate what she wants.
my mom and i tried to make a list of all the words
she says and we came up with 40 but
she's getting better and better at repeating what you say
so i know new words are added everyday.
i love having her talk,
it makes things a lot easier.

brette is in love with elmo
and mickey/mini mouse.
she likes any toy that lights up
or sings.
and she loves dancing.
its hilarious to watch her dance to music.
her most favorite thing is to play with our dogs.
she chases them, feeds them, kisses/hugs them, tries to sit on them.
she. loves. animals.

and i'm sad to say that our green chair we use
for monthly pictures is still packed away
so i didn't bother with the white onesie pictures.
but this is a picture of brette on the 12th,
exactly 18 months old.
my little christmas beauty.

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