Thursday, December 18, 2014

let it snow

i made a salad and then my world stopped.
well, at least on here.
i have been super sick.
this time its the kind where
your skin hurts,
you're hot, you're cold,
you puke every 2 hours
and you run a fever for three days straight.
its been awful.
but i lost four pounds! bonus?
thank god for my parents.
poor brette would have been neglected this week otherwise.

i have lots to share.
brette's 18 month update.
exciting decisions at the house.
a little christmas breakfast with my bff's
and cookie day is saturday.
i promise to get around to writing about it all,
but for now,
i'll leave you with a few pictures from this morning.
we had our first snow and even 
though brette was technically around last winter,
i'm considering this her first experience with the stuff.

ps- she thought it was a snack.
go figure.

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