Thursday, December 11, 2014

who wants some salad?

so i am obviously a huge fan of pioneer woman.
did anyone else record her christmas special?
looked super fun.

we recently whipped up one of her recipes.
well, i don't know if i can actually call this a recipe
because you don't really make anything.
just some chopping is all you do.
so here is the easiest, 
most basic,
super good
salad ever.
my mom had to make a salad for a christmas party
and i told her about the seven layer salad i saw on pioneer woman.
we looked it up online.
literally the hardest part is gong to the grocery store.
the rest is just throwing it into the bowl.

but if you need a salad for a party,
or just to be a little bit more healthy over the holidays,
i suggest this.

you're welcome.

and yes, ours was just as pretty.
(ree's pic)

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