Wednesday, December 10, 2014

bathing beauty

when we last left off
everyone was sick.
that is STILL true.
what. the. heck.
brette is the only one that feels a lot better,
but pretty much my whole family 
(including aunts, cousins & grandma) is laid up.
i guess a bug made the rounds on thanksgiving.
and not to keep complaining,
because even though brette is feeling better 
she is now dealing with a little bit of diarrhea.
that's fun.
i only know this because
last night she stood up in the bathtub and crapped everywhere.
do you know what's really hard to clean up?
watery poop.
then this morning i was taking a shower
and she normally plays in our cabinets
but this time she wanted to get in,
so i let her.
little did i know she had just gotten done with
another full diaper.
i pick her up and put her in the shower with me,
poop and all.
its been a fun couple of bathing experiences.

ps- i'm pretty sure all potty training went out the window
when she got sick.
now we're s t a r t i n g  o v e r... 

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