Tuesday, November 4, 2014

sleep schedule

i've been meaning to write about this,
but i was waiting to see how it worked
and then it got lost in the whole moving - new house situation. 

brette only takes one nap a day.
we changed her schedule in august at only 14 months old.
i thought it was too young to only take one nap,
but at the time i was working more to help cover someone else's
maternity leave and we were hauling brette over to spend mid-day
with jaime, madeline and eden.
i had to actually wake her up from her nap in the morning
to get to work on time
and then i think she was excited to see me in the afternoons
and it was hard to put her down.
not like brette at all.
so we tried something new.
no nap in the morning,
eat an early lunch and
then nap time around 12:30.
it clicked.
even though i was hoping to make it
to 18 months before transitioning to one nap,
brette was ready for it.
she sleeps between two and three hours everyday.
i have to admit, i really love it.
it frees up more of my day and its a lot easier to plan around.
the only downside is,
if she doesn't take a good nap
she is a bear by bedtime.
but in those instances, i usually scooch 
bedtime up by 30 minutes. 
but the majority of the time,
this new schedule works excellent.

breakfast: 8:00
lunch: 11:30
nap: 12:30
snack: 4:00
dinner: 6:30
bedtime: 8:00


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