Friday, October 31, 2014

boo bash

h a p p y
h a l l o w e e n

we went back to longview for halloween,
for the third year in a row.
its so cute to watch the parade of kids
and the neighbors do a really great job
of decorating their houses.

plus i get to spend the evening with 
three of the cutest girls in the whole world.

my dad stayed home and gave out candy.
he didn't get one trick-or-treater.
what's up with that?
and i get a gold star for the day.
i dressed up at work
(three blind mice)

with my family.

(little red riding hood, grandmother and the big bad wolf)

trick or treat, 
smell my feet,
give me something good to eat 
your damn candy.

hope you had a fun night
with lots of chocolate.
and yes, those are full-size snickers.
apparently some people are ballin'. 

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