Wednesday, October 15, 2014

my buddy

the cutest thing has happened.
brette has made a special friend,

for those of you that know me best,
or came into contact with me between the ages of 1 to 25,
know have MY OWN special friend, willie.
he's the best.
as in, brette is not allowed to touch him.
i don't want her ruining my bff. 
back in the day i conned my aunt mickie into giving
 him to me when i was brette's age.
i slept with him every night,
he came on every family vacation,
i took him to college,
(stupid andy, circa toy story 3, has nothing on me.)
he moved into ronnie and i first home together
and is currently back in his old stomping grounds,
my childhood bedroom.
 and have no fear, he will be coming to our new home as well. 

i secretly hoped that brette would latch on to a buddy too.
someone to talk to,
keep her company,
make her dark room feel more friendly
and someone to snuggle with.
but i didn't think it was going to happen because
 brette didn't show any interest in her dolls
 including the perfectly new cabbage patch doll we provided. 
picky. picky.
until we went shopping in florida.
we were walking around a store conveniently named duckies
when she spotted him and instantly gave him a hug and
 would not put him down.
she suckered ronnie into buying him for her.
(he's a real softy)
and she's been sleeping with him ever since.
it is adorable.
she gives him the biggest hugs.
i'm so happy she's found a buddy.
let's see if this one lasts as long as willie. 

i can't find a picture of me with willie as a youngster, even though my mom swears there is one. so unfortunately the one i'm using is when my college roommates hung him from my ceiling fan when i went home for the weekend.  they were asking ransom until i returned. i tried to crop out the horrible scene, but you can kind of tell he's hanging from a noose. wth. poor willie.

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