Thursday, March 1, 2012

a great big hug and a kiss from me to you

my barney is getting married.
my fellow delta z - my old roomie - my "we only smoke when we drink" partner
and one of my favorite people.
so of course, i couldn't miss the big celebration before the celebration.
the bachelorette party.

at a piano bar

where we could embarrass her

and make her take shots

lots of shots

and then i don't remember much, until i called ronnie to come pick me up 30 minutes away. and then i called him 5 minutes later to see if he was there yet.  what can i say, it was a long wait.
but well worth it.
congrats, barney!  love you long time.

what i wore you ask?
i borrowed a dress from linds.
and right now, i love to pair neutral colors together.
especially brown and black.
and while if i were to see a guy wearing a black suit with brown shoes i would still shake my head, there are ways to make it work. and look cute.

black and white striped dress - modcloth.
double brown belt - modcloth
black tights/brown socks - target
brown boots - payless

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