Thursday, March 15, 2012

married off

barney got married last weekend and shan and i were there to celebrate.
now, mrs. enright has found mr. [en]right.
her wedding was small and private,
but the reception was a party for everyone.
lots of food, cupcakes and drinks.
plus she had a photobooth for all the guests to snap pics.
we had a great time, but had to skip out early because kass and chris were waiting on our front porch locked out of our house. (more on that later).
but i'm glad i went and got to see the beautiful bride.

(different floating flowers in vases with tea light candles and flower petals)

(the bride with her old roomies minus margie)

what did i wear?
i forgot to snap a photo before i left,
but i borrowed a dress from kass and went from there:

(black peter pan collared dress with sheer sleeves)

(cranberry maryjanes)

(with cranberry nails and lips.)

what we really need now is my usual mirror shot... sorry!
but it was a nice evening out - congrats barney!

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