Wednesday, March 7, 2012

can i keep it?

brian and jaime (my bro and sister-n-law) moved out of their first home
to build their next [bigger] home to help accommodate their growing family
this will also put them about 10 minutes away from me 
and sets me up with a prime location for babysitting.
hello, miss madeline [and future baby].

speaking of prime location...
our basement is currently storing a few of their boxes
and small pieces of furniture while they wait for their house.
we put most of it in our workshop or basement bedroom.
tonight, we finally unloaded the last truckload.
[thank you, turnbow. my arms didn't have the strength]
and now i want to keep a few items.
they just look so nice.  so perfect. so out of our budget.

(white pedestal table - crate and barrel)

(tv and tv stand)

i have also informed ronnie that these are now items
 on our "things to save for" list.

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