Wednesday, February 29, 2012

in the last 10 years

i am in charge of organizing my high school's 10 year reunion.
2002, baby. go tigers.
i was excited to do it and had a good idea of where i wanted to have it.
but the more i get into it,
the bigger pain it becomes.

i had to put down a deposit at the winery,
i have a meeting to pick out the food with the caterer,
i sent out a facebook invite to my classmates,
i contacted to school board to let them know we would be donating extra funds to the foundation,
and i contacted the high school to get an updated list of addresses.

i still have to order invites that includes a registration form and get them sent out.
i have to figure out if i need to open a new account at the bank for the money.
i need to go to the high school to borrow memorabilia to display.
i need to inquire about having a dj.
i have to figure out who will work the registration table.
and i need a crew for set up and tear down.

it's like planning another wedding.
i'm over this.


  1. Brooke usually for events like this the school can deposit the money and cut checks for everything you need. Then you do not need a temporary bank account.

    We do it a lot for our events. They will know how much you give them to deposit and the you will give them the invoices to pay bills. Very easy if it works for you!

    1. oh my gosh - thanks emilie! that will cut out a huge process with the money. perfect... i'll call tomorrow!