Friday, February 17, 2012

got my hair did

please excuse the "no make-up, ready for bed" picture below.
i'm trying to capture a "before" picture of my hair.

because the next day, i had a hair appointment with a new hairdresser my sister-n-law, jaime, hooked me up with.
remember my last appointment? a bit disappointing.
and it took me a couple tries at home to finally get what i wanted.
jaime thought her gal could help, so her and brian bought me a free hair cut for my birthday.
(yes, i has taken me 5 months to schedule a hair appt.)
she was great and the best part was she taught me an easy, fast way to curl my hair.
i literally never curl my hair anymore because it's too long and takes forever,
but she curled it in under 5 minutes.
it was amazing.

i'm excited to try it out and see if i can do it just as fast.
probably not.
i think i need to buy a new curling iron first.
she recommended a wand.
so that's my next step.
beauty brands, here i come.


  1. Can I have your hair please!!! Love everything about it!

  2. Look at you and your fancy camera phone. Share the curling secret!

    1. darn blogger only lets me reply.

      loooooove the hair.

  3. i'm so happy you love jilian! she's fab. i bought the wand at target (she said they were just as good as the expensive ones?).