Tuesday, February 21, 2012

smoothie king

i tried to make my first spinach smoothie and it was gross. i know it's something i did because i've tried my sister-n-law's and it was good.  and lindsay drinks them every morning, so i know they can be good, but i'm obviously doing something wrong.  i'll try again tomorrow.  wish me luck.

today's consisted of:
1 cup almond milk
handful of baby spinach
1 cup mixed berries

i think my problems was that the mixed berries all had seeds and i felt like i was spitting out a shit-ton of them.  especially black berries, those are the worst.  tomorrow, i'm going to just use strawberries and hope for the best. 
and if that doesn't work, then i'm hitting the internet for recipes.
it's either that or i just bought a whole bunch of spinach and frozen fruit that i won't eat.

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