Thursday, February 23, 2012

weekday wrap-up

1. my smoothies are getting better.  yesterday it was strawberries, spinach and water. today: mixed fruit, spinach, orange juice and ice (so far, my fave).  this is all for a healthier, easier dinner in hopes of preparing for a 10 year reunion and wedding. meanwhile, ronnie is suffering through on hot pockets, spaghettios and hamburger helper.
2. i bought a tanning package.  i'm trying to decided what is better:
skin cancer vs. eczema
right now, the eczema that has been slowing spreading and feels like fire all over my legs, has come out on top.  hopefully a month of tanning will dry it all out before skirt/short season.

3. i am trying a *new* hairdo tomorrow i found on pinterest. i hope to have that and curling instructions by monday. stay tuned. ps- i've curled my hair twice since then and it is fast, but my favorite part? it lasts all day without hair spray or anything.
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4. i have a bachelorette party this weekend for my old college roommate, barney.  i'm excited to see her and celebrate.
5. lent started on wednesday and instead of trying to give up something, i've decided to DO something instead.  add to my life, instead of take away.  i bought a box of cards and i'm going to be sending little notes to people for the next 40 days.  last year, i gave up cussing - i've decided to embrace that. and, i thought this might be a little more rewarding.

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  1. I am giving up cussing this year, soooo much harder than I thought!

  2. I'm pretty sure the girls first words might be a four letter word!