Monday, February 6, 2012

craft to the max

over the weekend we finally had another craft circle.
we hadn't had one since i made these back in april.

the girls were gathered and this time everyone picked their own craft instead of us all doing the same one.  which is good, because i never did the chosen craft anyway.
linds and i decided to take advantage of the free time together to finish up all our crafts for jana's upcoming baby shower.

it doesn't look like a lot,
but somehow cutting M A X out of paper and gluing it on to burlap squares and then trimming it with ribbon, took lindsay and i awhile.  but it was worth it, because i think it's going to be adorable once it's all hung up.  i'm also in love with our little iron-on onesies and the alphabet picture for his room.

i'm super excited for saturday so we can finally put all of this together and celebrate a new little guy in our lives.

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