Monday, February 20, 2012

his bark is worse than his bite

here is a little insight into my everyday life.
i hear this about 10 times a day.
and i decided that i must share,
because my puppies are my loves.
and this is louie.

(please turn up the volume)

louie started doing this a couple years after we got him.
the first time he 'screamed' at our back door i thought a wild animal was literally attacking him and killing him.
ronnie and i were knocking each other over trying to get outside and save him.
and when we got there, he was just fine and ready to come in.
we laughed.
we chalked it up to our crazy dog.  
we thought, well, he just must be cold.
but now, this is his bark.
his everyday, run of the mill, bark.
and it's so loud and piercing.
especially at the 5:30am potty break.
we're pretty sure our neighbors would gladly take a bb gun to our little guy.
it can 80 degrees outside
or 20 below.
it doesn't matter.
either way,
louie is an indoor dog.

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