Thursday, February 9, 2012

wall art

last year i finally hung a grouping of random things on the wall in the office.
and i never really liked it, like i thought i would.
when i left umkc, i brought home everything that used to hang in my office.
so i traded it out.

you can see what i used to have:

 a framed chihuahua card from my mom, our photobooth save the date from our wedding, "i love you this much" framed in front of leftover chevron fabric from our curtain, and a cork board.

now you can see what i currently have:

degrees from college and a combo bulletin board/dry erase board.

simple and makes more sense for an office.

however, i still love the idea of a framed wall.
like this on young house love.

once i gather all the needed frames and items
my plan is to hang them on the stairway walls going down to the basement.

the only picture i have is the one below and the walls aren't really accentuated because
 i was so impressed with the carpet.

 but all of that will be sometime later.
probably much later.

to be continued...

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