Tuesday, February 28, 2012

swirl and curl

curling my hair was quite the process,
and so i never did it.
until last week, when the hair dresser showed me a quick easy way.
before, i was scrunching my hair with gel, mousse, and hair spray.
so it looked like this:


then i would take each piece wrap it around the curling iron, instead of rolling it up the barrel.
this is the only picture i could find, that shows what i used to do.
this gives it more of a wavy look (this is the process you would do if you have a wand.)

i think part of my problem was that i hadn't bought a new curling iron since high school when i was still turning under my hair with a 2'' barrel.
so the curl was too big and curling iron didn't get as hot as i needed.
so i went to beauty brands and bought a new one. 
i didn't buy a wand because when the hair dresser did my hair, she didn't use one.
she said that i could and it would still work, but the curling iron would be easier.
plus i can still use this as a wand like the girl in the picture above does.
when curling your hair that way, you are going to get an 'S' curve to your hair.
also known as the mermaid wave.

so basically, this is the other way she explained how i could curl my hair:

1. blow dry your hair.

2. always curl away from your face.
3. do not curl the ends. (leave 2 inches out)
4. do vertical barrel curls
5. have a variety of big and small pieces.

this might be the most important
6. do not touch the curls or your hair.
i normally get to this part and then move on to my make-up.
you have to wait until your hair is cold and the heat from the iron has all left.
the you can run your finger through it and give it a messier look.
i also tease my roots to give it more volume on the top.

(so this is where i should insert my finished picture, but this is where i realized that i was supposed to leave the house 4 minutes ago and i was rushed.)

 but i swear, this is what i looked like:

and this is a photo from that night.

not great quality, but you get the point.
so there it is.
my new fast way to curl.

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