Monday, February 13, 2012

curb appeal

you might remember last august i picked up a dresser off the side of the road.
i couldn't believe my luck.
and although the drawers were broke and it needed a paint job,
i knew that it wouldn't be hard to fix it and would be quite worth it.


six months later,
we finally got around to messing with it.
ronnie had to use some wood puddy to fill in some gaps,
and it needed a lot of sanding.

that's where i come in with the paint.

and ronnie spray painted all the hardware black.

wah la!

and i have the perfect wall for it in the basement.
once the weather gets nicer i plan to take a cheap piece of lace or a doily from the dollar store
and spray paint the lace textured look on the top. 

but right now, i'm loving my new [free] dresser.

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