Thursday, January 19, 2012


lindsay and i are planning a baby shower for our good friend, jana, 
due on april 1st with a little baby boy.
the shower will be held in my newly renovated basement.
and this is also why i have ronnie working on our new bar every night.
that thing HAS to be done in time.
not to mention, that i told him i needed this up to standards in time as well.
(he hates life)

here is the invite we sent out a last week (via shutterfly).

going from that, i think we'll probably keep most things
blue, white and yellow.

i was thinking balloons would be festive
and easy on the wallet.
this could be fun for the stairs.

Pinned Image

or string them up over the food table.  maybe both.

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we plan to do a onesie craft during the shower - so linds and i will have our done
and hung on a banner with M A X on it.  should be cute.

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and then when everyone else gets done,
they can hang theirs to dry as well.

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and my mom has a bunch of mason jars,
so i thought this might be fun too.

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shower planning is so fun.
especially with pinterest.

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