Wednesday, January 18, 2012

btc, phone home

so i know NOTHING about phones.
and didn't really need to.
because i try to avoid talking on them.
sure, i'll respond to a text... when i get it.
and most times, that's hours later.
and if you catch me at the right time
i might even have a nice 20 minute conversation with you.
but that's where it ends.
and so, for the last several years,
this was my phone.
still is my phone.

pretty sweet, right?
my office blocks the internet.
and for someone that is on
it's a lot to miss.

so i'd like to get a new one.
something that has the internet,
with a clear screen
and takes good photos.
oh, and no small buttons.
these fingers are not made for small buttons.
i was thinking touch screen,
but didn't know if those broke easy?

please advise.


  1. I do EVERYTHING on my EVO. Like leave this comment on your blog.