Tuesday, January 17, 2012

living in a winter wonderland

this "winter" is bazaar.
barely any bad weather to speak of.
today was actually cold,
but tomorrow will be back up in the 60's.
but i still wanted my house to have some winter decor.
and i didn't really have any.
so i bought a bag of pine cones,
some white poinsettias
kept my white snowflakes off my christmas tree
and made a quick trip to hobby lobby for some crafty items to make more snowflakes.

i hung my homemade snowflakes from my window cutouts in the living room.
thank you popsicle sticks and glitter.

here are the poinsettias and pine cones.
i also make sure and change out the books i keep on my entry way table.
the colors always go with the seasons.

bringing the pine cones to the living room.

and kept my feather wreath up on the backdoor.

my "snow" trees stayed as well.  then i added a row of snowflakes under the tv.

i added one pine cone to each plate in the dining room
and bought new glass hurricanes,
but i haven't figured out exactly what i want to do with them yet.

and some friends of ours stopped by and dropped off this awesome doormat.
the hubs and i with our puppies.  perfectly represented.

so that's the winterscape at our house right now.
hopefully the snow will join us outside as well.

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