Tuesday, January 10, 2012

don't blame me

i have a post written about date night on friday.
i have a post written about the project ronnie is building me in the basement. 
and i have a post written about my winter decorations around the house.
when i went to add photos,
none will upload.
what the hell.

i think blogger is having technical difficulties.
and i hate it.

so instead, i'll just fill you in on some fun facts about my life right now:

a year ago today we got 12 inches of snow.
today? it was 57 degrees.
i didn't wear a coat and i went running outside.
i really wouldn't mind if we skip winter altogether.

i cooked dinner both nights so far this week.
chicken tacos on monday.
pork chops and mashed potatoes on tuesday.
i'm thinking frozen pizzas on wednesday. let's not get carried away.

i'm still getting up by 6am in the mornings so i have a couple hours before work.
i am doing laundry, making breakfast and sweeping floors all before my day begins.
ronnie called the other day and i was laying in bed reading.
i can't explain how much i love my mornings now.

sorry about the lack of pictures and project updates.
hopefully tomorrow.

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