Friday, January 6, 2012

the things i do for ronnie

i mentioned yesterday that ronnie had started on a new project for me.  i thought i was doing him a favor by giving him something to do this winter while being cooped up inside, but the weather yesterday was 65 degrees, so now he hates it more than he's thanking me.

so this is a picture of basement past:  pre-paint, pre-white trim and pre-carpet.
we had a sink and a cabinet, but once we painted the walls gray, it had to be removed because it was warped.

so last week we bought a new one from lowe's.  and i had ronnie put it in.

and then i drew him a picture of what else i wanted:
an extension of the counter across the wall so underneath we could put a mini-fridge and a microwave.  then in the corner he will build a book shelf.
that will provide enough shelving to put in a stereo, games, movies, etc.
everything you would need in a basement.
everything you would need for a party.

and so ronnie has set up shop outside in the driveway.
in the dark.

he'll thank me one day.


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